HISPEED is one of leading boat manufacturer in Shenzhen China. For three consecutive years
(2012-2014), Hispeed was ranked " the Most Growth Potential Enterprise" by Forbes China.

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Major supplier of high speed boats for China Coast Guard, China Customs, China Navy, China Fisheries
Law Enforcement, China Marine Surveillance, Ministry of Public Security.
Hispeed occupied over 80% market share of 40 knots+ high speed, high performance boats for all maritime law enforcement vessels in China!

Yacht & Patrol Boat

Main products are yachts, patrol boat, sailing boat, fishing boat, work boat and self-righting rescue boat.
Over 120 boat types are covered in their HP-IPOWER, SD-SEADRAGON, SH-SEAHAWK, HT-HITE, PB-PROBAY series.


Vigorous, concise, elegant and flexible.

Patrol Boat

Plentiful power, high speed and maneuverability.

Sailing Boat

Vanguard design, elegant, fast and strong.

Fishing Boat

Beautiful shape, plentiful power, steady and comfortable.

Work Boat

High performanced resistant and see keeping.

Self-righting Rescue Boat

Self-righting, controllability and seaworthiness.

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Catalog and Brochure

EMAC Brochure 2016


Hispeed Patrol Boat


Hispeed Yacht



  • Patrol Boat HP1300
    HP1300 high speed boat, a total length of 13 meters, a displacement of 7.5 tons,...
  • Hispeed Sailing Boat PB433F
    PB433F sailing boat, with unlimited area ocean navigation ability, completely designed according to the highest...
  • Hispeed Patrol Boat HP1100
    HP1100 type high speed patrol boat, with deep level "V" hull-off grade, full rudder turning...
  • Hispeed Patrol Boat SD928
    SD928 high-speed rescue boat, the centre-of-gravity position and special design of oil-way & water-way, so...